There was a time when some, in France, questioned Lance Armstrong's repeated successes in the Tour de France and other races. The US media, predictably, largely responded with accusations of envy: to them, the French were just bad sport at seeing some foreigner — worse, some American, and we all know all the French are anti-American, don't we? — winning the Tour.

Year later, the US anti-doping agency declares Lance Armstrong a sophisticated cheat.

There was a time when many, in France, doubted the wisdom of going to war with Iraq. First, the evidence that the Iraqi regime was ready to wage war with weapons of mass destruction was flimsy. Second, there was the question of how to rule the country after the removal of Saddam Hussein. Certainly, there was a possibility of a civil war, as well as the expanding influence of Iran. Finally, removing a lay dictator would not help much with respect to the threat of Islamic terrorism.

Many in the US responded that the French were just jealous of US influence, and anyway were just surrender monkeys. The US media largely gobbled the "weapon of mass destruction theory" hook, line and sinker.

Years later, no weapons of mass destruction have been found in Iraq, the country is largely ungovernable, and there is a possibility that new Islamic regimes will sprout.

Be it for frivolous (professional sports) or serious matters, the US media is just plain incapable of factual, dispassionate reasoning as soon as France is mentioned; just like the French media does when the US is mentioned.

My country, right or wrong...