An article in Rupert Murdoch's New York Post about France's attitude about the DSK case. Choice bits:

The upstairs-downstairs saga of the Big Shot who allegedly sexually brutalized the maid did not hatch out of the ether. It is as if the majority of the citizens of France — locked into 1950s-style notions of sexism, misogyny and racism — was complicit in the horrific, accused deed.

Yeah, right. Up until recently, the Murdoch press was repeating that France was antisemitic because it did not toe the United States' line on Israel. Now, that does not fit well with France being about to elect Dominique Strauss-Kahn, does it? And didn't the New York Post compare president Obama to a chimpanzee — kind of the pot calling the kettle black?

And it has further strained already tenuous relations between the United States and France, that primary spoke in the America-loathing Axis of Weasel, a moniker France earned in 2003 when it betrayed the US and our allies by refusing to support foreign policies.

So indeed, according to the New York Post, the job of an ally is to support foreign policies of the United States, even when ill-advised — like invading Iraq on grounds of nonexistent weapons of mass destruction.

The rest of the article is equally appalling. Ms Andrea Peyser seems to confuse "the French" with a minority of highly privileged commentators, such as Sophie de Menthon or Bernard-Henri Lévy ("BHL"). Yeah, right, as if Mr Lévy was some kind of elected representative of the French population. Maybe she should have mentioned president Sarkozy's declining to comment on the issue. But since when should facts prevent the publishing of a good story?

This is all the more intriguing that the Murdoch press likes to rail at the liberal "elites" who ignore the life of the common man. Didn't it occur to Ms Peyser that BHL is about as representative of the French as Noam Chomsky, Barbra Streisand or Susan Sarandon are representative of the average American?

See, the whole point is:

The sordid affair brings into sharp relief the vast cultural, legal and moral differences between a young United States and a cowardly and decayed France.

Yeah, right. You mean the same United States that is frightened that its black president could be a hidden Islamist ? Give me a break.

As with the British Sun, I wonder to which levels of intellectual degeneracy one must go to buy the New York Post.