I read in the New York Times regarding strikes and blockades in France:

some quietly admitted concern that the largest and most radical French union might be pushing the protests too far. That union, the C.G.T., was once allied with the Communist Party.

Woah. The red scare is not over.

Dear New York Times, please note that currently the CGT is not really the most radical French union, and that many accuse it of softness. As far as I know, SUD tends to be more radical, not to mention small groups such as CNT.

What's true is that the CGT is traditionally big among groups of workers where strikes are maximally annoying (e.g. trains). Also, the CGT, along with other big unions such as CFDT, are not consistent groups — as their names imply, they are « confederations » of smaller unions, and there may be significant divergences between the unions affiliated to the same confederation but dealing with different branches of economic activity.